Teacher Spotlight

Dr. Alistair Dias
Associate Professor
University of Toronto
Class Size: 250 Students

Dr. Dias is an instructor for various lab and lecture courses in the Department of Human Biology at the University of Toronto. He is also conducting research focused on teaching – students experimenting on themselves in a lab course and new and innovative ways of conveying information to students.

When working with SharpScholar, Dr. Dias knew that the lab preparation videos are critical for students to consume before the lab. Instead of just giving them passive videos, he employed SharpScholar to create engaging video lessons that students can engage and consume before attending the lab.

How Dr. Dias Used SharpScholar

Dr. Dias creates video content for his lab classes and wants to ensure that the material is being consumed and understood by his students. To measure his students’ understanding, he used SharpScholar’s Understanding Meter and his own questions to implement proven strategies of meta-cognitive and self-questioning teaching.

As a result, students were able to consume interactive videos that allowed them to measure their understanding and give the teacher feeedback. 

Teaching Pedagogies used by Dr. Dias

Successful Outcomes