Teacher Spotlight

Prof. Vincent Hui
Associate Professor
Ryerson University
Class Size: 20

Dr. Hui, a numerous teaching award winning professor from Ryerson University, is known to employ proven teaching pedagogies in his courses. Professor Hui knew that peer-review or peer-instruction would enable his students to give and receive constructive criticism and learn from another. However, he did not have a tool that would easily enable this for his students.

How Prof. Hui Used SharpScholar

In order to teach his students how to evaluate portfolios, Professor Hui uploaded sample portfolio documents (pdfs) onto SharpScholar and walked them through the portfolio evaluation process.

Furthermore, he used SharpScholar’s annotation tools to mark up the portfolio with his critique. Next, Professor Hui had each of his students upload their portfolios onto SharpScholar and then critique three of their classmate’s portfolios.

As a result, students were able to learn how the differentiate between good and bad portfolios and do peer-evaluation on other portfolios. 

Teaching Pedagogies used by Prof. Hui

Successful Outcomes