Find out how SharpScholar helps teachers personalize and deliver precise lessons for their students

SharpScholar helps you put proven teaching methods into practice. Build personalized, precise and professional lessons. It is as easy as the steps listed below!

1. Create Engaging Lessons with a Document or Video

Upload your slides, articles, or reading and let us do the magic.

Tap into rich videos on youtube or upload your own to add magic.

2. Engage Your Students with Interactions


To facilitate learning through practice.


Bring your readings to life.

3. Your Students Engage and Consume the Content

Formative Assessment

Students will learn using top learning strategies such as Formative Assessment and Feedback

Plug and Play Pedagogues

SharpScholar gives you tools such as the understanding meter and ask a question module to have students engage with the content using proven pedagogues

4. Get Actionable Students’ Analytics

Steps to take for your next class

You get actionable steps to optimize your lesson or lecture.

Summary of Student Performance

All your student’s data: answers, time spent, and engagement is summarized for you to make smart decisions.

5. Optimize Your Teaching Based on Student Performance

Structure your lectures based on what your students are learning and most importantly not learning.

Use SharpScholar’s state of the art summarization algorithm to identify your student’s misconceptions.

6. Reinforce Learning Using In-Class Polling

Using SharpScholar students can now tell even in class where they are not getting and what you can do to help.

Instantly poll your students – to ensure they understand during lecture.